(AWS WorkShop)Machine Learning Operation for Incremental Training

  1. Training
  2. retraining — Incremental training
  • Model drift : Differences between training and testing data
  • Robustness : People get affected by ML models will deliberately alter their response
  • Ground truth not available during training time : User behaviors are not predictable
  • Labeling tools maintenance
  • Passing human labeled results around manually
  • Triggering retraining manually
  • How to mange models
  • Updating endpoints without down time
  • Training
  • Deploy to Endpoint
  • Submit a A2I augmented AI workflow
  • Retraining
Create notebook instance
Open Jupyter
Open Terminal
cd ~/SageMaker/git clone https://github.com/catwhiskers/mlops_incremental_learning.git
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: price to some body on Mechanical Turk
  • Private: for employee
  • Vendor: for profession vendor
AWS SageMaker Studio
AWS Lambda




Back-end engineer turn into Blockchain software engineer

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Back-end engineer turn into Blockchain software engineer

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